Department of Ophthalmology

Do you need an advisor?

Student coordinator: Ms. April Jackson
aprjackson at augusta dot edu
Updated: 12/9/2017


The faculty will be pleased to meet with the medical students and can do so in a variety of roles. There are many questions that one has when considering ophthalmology as a career. These often cover academic topics, e.g. USMLE scores, GPA, AOA status, research. They also though include those of what types of residency should be pursued or fellowships or post-residency life as an ophthalmologist. If you simply would like to meet with one of the faculty to discuss which options you have that can easily be done. Alternatively, if you seek an advisor to plan for your senior year, that too, can be reviewed.

Some of the students will have already contacted one of the faculty and in general they may carry on with that faculty member. Others may have more difficulty making these arrangements. Please contact our student coordinator and they can guide you in options and faculty members who are able to take on additional advisory roles with students.