Department of Ophthalmology

The First Year of Residency

» Dr. Osemelu Aburime
» Dr. Jenny Fuller
» Dr. Steven Glenn
» No call approx. last 2 months
» Topical, clear cornea cataract surgery training
» Chopping techniques and limbal relaxing incisions
» Tube shunts and trabeculectomies
» Some opportunity to perform LASIK
» Competitive fellowship matches

Prior to the 2017 year one of the biggest issues in the senior schedule was ensuring they were operating on cataracts the entire year. The numbers of surgeries were not an issue, but making sure they were spreading them out evenly was. This stemmed from needing to do glaucoma, cornea, LASIK, and retina rotations as a senior and not missing the cataract approaches throughout. By switching the Augusta University side rotations to monthly rotations that has been alleviated.

Cataract surgery training as a senior is a full year event occurring thoroughly at the VA as well as at the main campus and at Augusta State Medical Prison. The seniors who are graduating from our program usually are approaching 200 cases as primary surgeon and many have exceeded that. The skill set most graduates leave our program with is a topical, clear-cornea, horizontal chop procedure. LRIs are taught at the VA and ASMP. Torics are used at the VA and AU. The ASMP rotation provides a unique exposure to zonule deficient situations as trauma in that environment is not uncommon. CTR placement exposure is not guaranteed but quite frequent. Floppy iris cases are very common at the VA. Graduates who enter fellowships have indicated to our program that they feel very competent in these areas at that level.

Each senior is given off-campus leave and partial funding to attend an ophthalmology meeting of their choice. Usually we have the seniors participate in "Cataract Surgery: Telling it like it is" down in Florida. It is a wonderful course and very well attended. Many times the residents may go to a B&L course in Florida as well.

Several options are available for off-campus interview leave. Call concludes around May of the year. If the resident is going into a Fellowship and that fellowship requires a July 1st start date (the Fellowship programs are discouraged from doing this, but many still do) the resident is permitted to leave 2 days before July 1 if they have enough residual annual leave.

One of the senior residents may opt to take over all duties of a chief, or these duties may be split into three sections to spread these responsibilities out.

* A little disclaimer...this structure and these parameters are only summaries. We reserve the right to alter them according to the needs of our training program.