Department of Ophthalmology

What about pre-residency fellowships?

Updated: 12/9/2017

While we do not offer any of these types of fellowships here are some things that one may consider.

In the Fall of each year medical students spend tremendous amounts of their energies and resources in attempts at securing a residency position. Ophthalmology can be a daunting match to make and unfortunately not all do. There is often the question of what should be done if no match is achieved. One of the first things that really must be done is to take a step back and decide how aggressively one wants to pursue ophthalmology. Second times through the match are usually less successful than first times. What one needs to do is make sure that not too many years are spent trying to get an ophtho match. Years can go by that way and one must not lose training years in this effort. Too, though, one does not want to go through life with a litany of "If onlys," as in, "If I had only tried this or that."

One of the things that people do when they do not match is pursue pre-residency fellowships. The team at University of Utah School of Medicine has a webpage that is very useful for these things. As of 2016 they have been keeping an up-to-date list of available pre-residency fellowships. If one clicks on this link one can see their page and determine if there are any good fits. It may even be reasonble to consider doing this type of fellowship before entering the match if one feels (legitimately...many feel insecure when they do not need to) they are a poor candidate. Remember that first match is the best shot.